Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Mattress Adventure

Say HELLO to our new mattress. It's is very comfy. It's a Sealy Posturepedic Candle Glow Premier Ultra Plush Queen Mattress (see below).
*Note: unfortunately, this is not really our bedroom nor is it our furniture.
Months ago (approximately 11), I decided that we needed a new mattress. It was time to upgrade from the mattress we inherited from Mike and Beth when we got married. After months and months of procrastination, and now that I have a new job, I finally bought an $1800 mattress for $618.47 after delivery. Pretty good eh? Some of you may be wondering how I did it? Other of you may not. Well, I'll tell you anyways, because I want to.

After testing many mattresses in retail stores and dealing with way too many overweight, I mean overbearing, salesmen, I found this mattress on They happened to be having a very nice sale. So I got 50% off, and then another 10% off for a weekend sale and then yet another 10% off for another special mattress sale. Then I used to get to for another 8% off (sweet). We now have a new, comfy queen mattress on the way. Now I'll be sleeping for 17 cents a night assuming we keep this thing for a while. But hopefully, we'll be upgrading to a california king in no time.


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