About Us

My name is Kelsey Beth.

I also go by Beast... but I'm not a beast.
I'm 20-something, Idaho-grown, and currently replanted in Colorado.
I'm a wife of three years and mother of negative one month.
I'm a perpetual student with degrees in History, Dance, and Life-thus-far.
I love to create, however much of that creation happens to be imitation.
I'm bushwhacking my way through various new hobbies: sewing, cooking, crafting, photography.
I'm a Mormon.

I'm married to Grant Rollin.

He also goes by Grantie... or Granny.
He's 20-something, Colorado-grown, and glad to be rooted in Colorado soil once more.
He's a husband of three years and father of negative one month.
He's a stock-broker/financial planner/handy-man at home.
He loves to build and work with his hands, however much of that ends up falling apart.
He's bushwhacking his way through the wilderness when time allows: hiking, camping, biking, etc.  I go too.
He's a Mormon.

Share with us. We'll share with you.  We'll all have sharesies together.  How happy we shall be.