Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hiding places and gratitude

I'm hiding in a hotel bathroom in the middle of small town, Illinois, USA. (We have to hide for about an hour every night because little Will won't fall asleep otherwise.) Grant ran to the store because we forgot the diapers at GG's house and we have a hunch that Will may need a clean one tomorrow.

But despite the whole "being holed up in a small, lonely bathroom" thing, I find myself reflecting on this wonderful week we have had, and how very blessed we are.

We arrived in Illinois on Wednesday to spend the holiday with GG and Great Papa.  We have seen lots of family (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.), and have spent most of our time eating and reminiscing. We've scanned pictures of old memories, learned about our ancestors, (especially William G. Tarrant, Baby Will's namesake), and made a few good memories to reminisce about during future holidays, (including Will's first experience with Santa Claus).

And more than ever I am grateful for the most important things in my life: family and faith: The brave souls who went before me, who did their best to be kind, and smart, and compassionate; Those who sacrificed their happiness and well being for that of their family's; for my own little family, built on the shoulders of those who showed us the way; who taught us to be kind, and smart, and compassionate just as they tried to be in their own lives; and for my Savior, who sacrificed all and continues to light our path each day.

There is so much to be grateful for.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hike to the Compass

We've established some new goals for our family lately.  One goal is to have a recreational family activity once a week.  While we usually spend a fair amount of time together, we tend to spend that time on home projects and television... not the most productive.  It has been great for our family to set that time aside, and to know that Saturday afternoon, the saws and sewing machines will be put away for a bit.

So this week, we headed out on a hike to "The Compass".

Will loves his new carrier backpack.  We got it at a friend's garage sale for $10.  Woot.

The Compass is a little under 2 miles from our house and you can see all the major landmarks from it.

There is a literal 'compass' on the ground with arrows that point to places like the State House, Red Rocks, Roxborough State Park, and various reservoirs.

There are also telescopes (that are really just metal rod; see above) that point to the 14ers visible from that spot.

This is looking out NorthWest from where we were.  In the middle of the picture is Will's future high school and middle school.

Cutest baby in the world.

Oh, and I got this excellent picture of his "swagger."  He's quite confident in his walking skills these days.

Sometimes we can't believe we live in such an incredible place.  I'm THANKFUL for being healthy and happy.  (Gotta throw in a holiday reference...)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back in the Game!

We've been busy.  I decided to give blogging a break and focus on more important things.  Like healing from cancer (what?!), perfecting egg-in-the-holes for Grantie:

Playing with my bubba: 

And finishing our first reupholstery job!!  (Nevermind that this project started in FEBRUARY...)

We went with the first fabric back from the ones we were looking at months ago, Bedazzle Silver Lining by Waverly.  We are stoked with how it turned out.  Just one more to go!