Monday, February 28, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #8: The Best Part

Maybe I'm getting all sentimental because I wasn't able to ride my favorite rides: Test Track and Space Mountain.
Or maybe it's because the little boy inside me has my hormones spiking.
Perhaps it's just because I ate my weight in Twist & Shouts (Walmart-brand Oreos)

But truth is, looking back on our awesome trip to Disney World, I really think the very best part of the trip was the company:

It doesn't get much better than spending time with my baby face, Grantie, and two of our best friends! (And Mr. Potato Head)

I couldn't have cared less about the characters:

Although I did get a few pictures of them with other people's children:

Instead, it was about experiencing something great with people that I love... like troll slaying...

Telling & hearing good stories:

Talking about "home"

And maybe... riding a few rides that weren't exactly kosher for pregnant women... (just kidding mom... sort of...)

I'm so grateful to have awesome friends and family.  Thanks Mallorys and Grantie for an awesome trip and for the awesome memories to add to the kitchen painting, Sunday dinners, and of course, Settlers memories :)

(Can you believe I finally made it through my Disney World posts?!  I think I need some Twist & Shouts to celebrate!! Just kidding... maybe...)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the verdict is...

It's a Boy... unmistakably!

Congrats if you guessed right!  Now our little boy will have 13 first names- awesome!  

Baby T salutes you if you guessed right!  

And this is his sweet (err.. scary) upside down face.  He is a wiggly wiggly boy, but didn't want to wiggle his cute little face to the side so we could get a profile picture.  So, we're stuck with the scary, upside down ghost face for now :)

In celebration I made blue cupcakes!  Have a virtual blue cupcake on me!  Yay for little boys.

And yay for being halfway through my pregnancy... :)

Disney World Chronicles #7: Getting Involved

I'm clearly way way behind on my Disney World posts.  Thus, the next few posts will be whirlwinds of pictures and stories.  For today, the stories of excited, involved husbands.

First, we have Logan, the bird man.

Well, hello birdie.  Hey, he's got a dollar!

He was a tickly bird.

I like the face on this one.  Rethinking your enthusiastic involvement yet, Logan?

Love the laugh.

And of course, the ever involved, Grant Tanner:

This is the part where they say, "Wow, you're mighty tall," as if he wasn't already aware.

Picked out to show off a death scene:


The slow death of a true volunteer.

Next at Disney World, Toy Story 1, 2, & 3 with Logan Mallory as Woody and Grant Tanner as Buzz Lightyear.  Or, I suppose it's the other way around... Especially if Grant wears his new cowboy boots that make him 6'8...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #6: Nemo Part Two

After Epcot we headed to Magic Kingdom.  It was a rainy day so my camera didn't make an appearance... but the day after that: Animal Kingdom!  One of our favorite parts of Animal Kingdom was the best show never to hit Broadway (yet):

Complete with singing Nemo & Marlin:

Dancing sea fronds and anemone: 

Exploring with Mr. Ray:

Of course, Dory and her short term memory loss:

Bruce and buddies: "Fish are friends, not food."

All the tank buddies:

The largest seagull I've ever seen:

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way SYDNEY!

And, our old friend, Crush.  Remember the last time we met Crush?

The show was awesome.  And we got to hear our favorite song again!  You can experience the magic here.

It's a big blue world!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sugar and Spice or Frogs and Snails?

In exactly one week we will find out whether Baby T is a boy or a girl! 

 In early celebration, we're taking a poll to see what you think! 

 If you get it right, we'll name the baby after you... every one of you... 

Aren't you lucky?

The poll is over there ---->

Guess away!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #5: World Travelers

After I reluctantly left my new duck bff, we headed for a trip around the world.  Only at Disney can you visit Canada next to England next to Morocco, Japan, Mexico, etc.  

We checked out Canada.

Chatted in various phone booths:

Nothing like a good phone booth picture:

And an even better friend to be a human doorstop for you:

Snapped a few crazy face-in-the-hole pictures:

Saw a silly little show in England:

Told off some naughty kids...

Okay not really... I think this is just Logan telling an epic stories:

Checked out some sweet Moroccan architecture:

As well as sweet Moroccan fashion:

Saw some awesome Japanese candy sculpting:

And got our only character picture of the entire trip... with Duffy...

Who is Duffy?  According to Logan, " I'm so glad you would ask. Duffy is Disney's new, off brand character. No movie, no cartoon, just a mascot sized costume and some mugs/tshirts with his picture on them for sale. So glad this is the only character we took a picture with. Any one more mainstream would have been far too trendy for my liking."

It was an awesome finish to our first Disney day.  Woot.