Monday, February 28, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #8: The Best Part

Maybe I'm getting all sentimental because I wasn't able to ride my favorite rides: Test Track and Space Mountain.
Or maybe it's because the little boy inside me has my hormones spiking.
Perhaps it's just because I ate my weight in Twist & Shouts (Walmart-brand Oreos)

But truth is, looking back on our awesome trip to Disney World, I really think the very best part of the trip was the company:

It doesn't get much better than spending time with my baby face, Grantie, and two of our best friends! (And Mr. Potato Head)

I couldn't have cared less about the characters:

Although I did get a few pictures of them with other people's children:

Instead, it was about experiencing something great with people that I love... like troll slaying...

Telling & hearing good stories:

Talking about "home"

And maybe... riding a few rides that weren't exactly kosher for pregnant women... (just kidding mom... sort of...)

I'm so grateful to have awesome friends and family.  Thanks Mallorys and Grantie for an awesome trip and for the awesome memories to add to the kitchen painting, Sunday dinners, and of course, Settlers memories :)

(Can you believe I finally made it through my Disney World posts?!  I think I need some Twist & Shouts to celebrate!! Just kidding... maybe...)


Ashleigh said...

Hello! It's so fun to "meet" one of Lorren's friends! It's a small world- (I hope you went on that ride)! Congrats on the pregnancy and I love the way you celebrate! Blue cupcakes! My little guy is turning four this week and has been nothing but fun and boyishness!

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