Thursday, February 17, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #6: Nemo Part Two

After Epcot we headed to Magic Kingdom.  It was a rainy day so my camera didn't make an appearance... but the day after that: Animal Kingdom!  One of our favorite parts of Animal Kingdom was the best show never to hit Broadway (yet):

Complete with singing Nemo & Marlin:

Dancing sea fronds and anemone: 

Exploring with Mr. Ray:

Of course, Dory and her short term memory loss:

Bruce and buddies: "Fish are friends, not food."

All the tank buddies:

The largest seagull I've ever seen:

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way SYDNEY!

And, our old friend, Crush.  Remember the last time we met Crush?

The show was awesome.  And we got to hear our favorite song again!  You can experience the magic here.

It's a big blue world!!


Rob & Gina said...

We saw that show a couple years ago and loved it too!

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