Thursday, September 12, 2013

Devil's Head

A few weeks ago, we headed out for a hike up to Devil's Head, home of the last working fire lookout station in Colorado.  

It was 2.8 miles round trip and Willister hung out in the backpack most of the way up. He likes it pretty well, (no screaming or fighting), but sure doesn't mind when it's time to get out!

We had Grumsie, Uncle Matthead, and friends Monroe & Lisa for climbing buddies.

At the top of the hike there is a 100+ stair climb to the top of the lookout tower. The stairs are anchored into the rocks and it's pretty steep, but Will was up for the challenge.

Cute baby butt.

He made it!

There was a nice old forest ranger in the tower.  He lives up on the mountain and has been working the lookout tower for some 20-odd years.

The 360 degree view was gorgeous.

And Will was definitely all tuckered-out by the time we got down. We love our day hikes, but they sure do mess up regular nap times-- boo for that!