Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend Family Camping Reunion

The last weekend in July, we met up with Uncle Robbie & Aunt Katie (cute little newlyweds!) for a few days camping.   We looked for a campsite halfway between Provo & Denver and found Jumbo Campground outside of Mesa, CO.

We traded off meals-- Uncle Reebee cooked up some yummy coke chicken the first night.

Grant brought his new hammock and hung out with Baby Will.

Our trip fell on Rob's birthday and mine was two weeks earlier so we brought each other presents.  We both decided on Swedish fish, but somehow I got out-presented...

And of course, Will was the cutest.

Oh, and the dirtiest...

Uncle Reebee taught Bubby how to hit sticks together.

It quickly became one of Will's favorite hobbies.

We hiked the next morning.

Past the lake...

through a meadow...

and up to a big rock pile.

Will got some killer splinters that got infected.  There was some serious screaming when we finally pinned him down to get them out.  Bleh.

But splinters aside (as well as the torrential rain that kept us tent-ed all evening), we had a fantastic time.  Will loves his Aunt Katie & Uncle Reebee!