Monday, April 29, 2013

The Duck Pond

We've been working on painting our new laundry cabinets (see here), and with all those paint particles in the air, I decided to take Will on a walk to the duck pond.  

On our last visit to the pond, he tried to feed the bird milk with his sippy cup...

But mostly he just chases them around...

And climbs rocks...

And looks irresistibly adorable...

And no duck pond visit is complete without a visit to every mailbox along the way.

Will's got his system down.  Find a rock, open the door, place the rock inside, close the door.  Repeat.

It must be very therapeutic...

I'm so so happy that the weather is finally warming up.  We're excited for all the biking, hiking, playing outside, and lots of home projects.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recent Happenings

Recent happenings: no order, lots missing, instagram editing. 

New faces for Baby Will:

A welcome discovery: Kale chips are darn good!

Rock Star line-up.

Bustin' a move.

Playdough and Presidents.  (He loves practicing his presidents.)

Sensory bins for the Bubba.  "It stays in the bin..." is my new favorite phrase.

Easter eggs.  Loved it.

Shoes too big, running too fast = wa-bonk.

Dry-run for his first camping experience.

Busy season at work.  A flattering award.

Cutest, cutest, cutest.