Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #3: The Initial Nemo Encounter

We found it interesting that some Disney movies, Pixar specifically, are featured much more than others at Disney World.  For example, there were lots of references to Finding Nemo but very few of Cars, Incredibles, Up, and the Tanner classic, WALL-E.  Despite our disappointment that not everyone shares in our affinity for the cutest robots alive... we loved all of the Nemo attractions.

Part of Future World at Epcot is called The Seas, and is all based around Finding Nemo.  

Our favorite part of Epcot?  No lines!  Hoorah for Disney World in January!

We rode in clamshells as we looked for Nemo.

And tried to watch out for these guys:

We even got to talk to Crush!  The highlight of that little show was this beauty of a conversation Crush had with Grant:
Coming out wearing an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, red polka dot bikini, Crush asked:
  "Hey guys, I found this thing and I was wondering if you could help me figure out what it is!"
The audience, mostly filled with toddlers and their parents, were silent.
 Grant: "A bikini top!"
"What's it used for?"
"Uh... it's for the ladies..."
"You mean this is a chick outfit?!"

We spent the rest of the weekend coming up with alternative answers to Crush's somewhat leading questions...  

But Logan's favorite part of The Seas... scratch that... Disney World... were these little guys:

Mine! Mine! Mine... Mine!

Really... he was laughing about it all weekend.  Mine! Mine!

Luckily we got lots of Nemo in the days to come at other parks.  Don't worry, the Nemo-ness will continue...


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