Monday, January 31, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #2: The Marathoners

We picked the Mallory's up at the airport on Thursday morning.  They had been flying since 10:30ish the night before... yuck.  

Queen of naps: "Want a little break before we head out to the park?"
Marathoner Mallorys: "Nah, we're okay."
QN: "Maybe just like an hour nap?" (That's short to me)
MM: "How about just a quick Denny's trip and a splash of water on our faces?"
QN: "Are you serious?  Maybe just a half hour? Fifteen minutes?" (I might have been fishing for myself here)
MM: "No... really we're okay."
QN: "Phew... Heaven bless your crusade."

And Heaven did.  We stayed at Epcot until at least 8:00 or 8:30 that night.  Here are the troopers in action:

We tried for a similar pose... but I guess we're just not as trooper-esque.

Or picture ready... 

But excitement?  Oh yep. We had that.

We had lots of that.


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