Friday, January 28, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #1: The ride that got us to the rides

We decided a few months ago to go to Disney World.  The Mallory's moved to Seattle in October and we decided a reunion was absolutely necessary.  In Florida. Which means a two hour flight for us... and an entire night of flying for the Mallory's.  What good sports!

We stayed at a hotel in the Downtown Disney Area which was great for transportation to and from the parks.  However, they did not offer a free shuttle to the hotel from the airport.  Instead, they wanted your left pinky finger and your right earlobe.  Thus, we rented a tin can.. err.. a car.

Grant loved our little Aveo because of all the head room he had.  Although not very spacious front to back, our little tin can had lots of room for taller Disney goers like Grant.

We headed back to the airport to pick the Mallory's up the day after we arrived but their flight was delayed.  Thus, we spent a lovely morning in this cell phone lot (read: dirt patch).

Luckily, this gave me lots of time to check out the lovely luggage compartment.

This looks like that scary scene in the Grudge 2 when the girl is crawling up the inside of the well... Wow, I'm glad I haven't seen any horror movies since high school...

My hair... is long...

Successfully fits one!

Although movement was somewhat limited...

And somewhat painful...

Glad I could offer your Friday night entertainment...

Oh wait!  This trunk actually fits one + a lemon sized baby!

Luckily, the Mallory's showed up soon after this which means you don't have to look at any other crazy pictures of me.  I would like to claim that that lemon-sized baby is what makes me do all these stupid things... but I'm such a (crazy) saint, I just can't lie!


thompsonfamily said...

you would climb into the back of a tiny trunk for fun kels! We haven't seen you guys in like....a month.....can we go to Disneyland for a reunion too?

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