Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Portraits: A Second Go

About a week after I took my first set of family portraits with the Gurneys, I took family pictures for the Koerners, the Gurney's cousins.  

Unlike the Gurneys, the Koerner's don't have any babies.  Instead they have three kids who love the camera, which made my job pretty darn easy.

I am still struggling a bit with my settings, most specifically with white balance.  I got a little more used to using exposure this round with the result that fewer of my pictures turned out over exposed.  Yay.

The Koerner's are moving to Denver soon and wanted to take a few pictures representing what was then their "family secret."

A fence behind them made it easy to line everyone up and to direct each person in terms of where to stand.  The bridge in the picture below offered the same direction and I like the linear aspect of pictures like these ones.

It is a little more difficult for me to "clump" people and not make them look awkward.  

And of course, the girls were regular hams for me.  Love that.

Thanks Koerners for a fun day and for putting up with me :)


Kate & Drew's Great Adventure! said...

Kels! So cute! You're always so talented. Love ya!

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