Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Married to a Murderer

For this New Year's Eve (can you believe it is 2011?!) we were invited to a Murder Mystery dinner party!  Each party member was given a part to play as we read through the dialogue and clues to discover who committed the horrendous crime.

Caitlin & Jared were Mama Rosa and Marco, the wife and son of the deceased.  Jared was a wannabe soccer player and always said, "I'm gonna be world cup!" in a Mario & Luigi-esque voice.  Best line of the night, hands down.

Zach & Megan were Rocco and Tira Misu, the brother of the deceased and his floozy fiance.  You will be impressed to know that my computer did not spell-correct the word floozy.  All is right with the world.

Heather & Jeremy played Angle, daughter of the deceased, and Father Al Fredo, the priest of the parish the family attended.

Grant played Beau Jalais, boyfriend of daughter Angel, and I played Clair Voyant, Mama Rosa's psychic.  I clearly forgot to control my eyeballs in this picture.

Okay, that's at least a little better.

Caitlin, er.. Mama Rosa made a delicious Italian meal for all the guests and we had a lot of fun reading the dialogue.  However, I think the best part was trying to figure out all the accents.  Grant was supposed to be French, but inevitably ended up being Mexican (of course).  I was supposed to have a deep husky voice... that I also tried to make Italian... not so easy.  And of course, all the Italian accents got pretty interesting all around.  We had some Scottish Italians, some British Italians, and of course, some Mexican Italians.  It was awesome.

Grant ended up being the murderer... Sneaky little bugger.  Unfortunately, my psychic powers proved insufficient as I was unable to figure it out...  But man, I totally had the best husky-Italian-Mexican-fortuneteller accent!


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