Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Rockin' Honky Tonk Evening

We just got back from the awesomest (yes, awesomest) trip to Disney World.  However, I'm already a bit behind on other adventures and thus, must document those first.  

A few weeks ago, my parents came to visit!  It has been a year since my mom has come to visit and my dad has never been out since we moved to good ole Tejas, so I was very excited.

Unfortunately, I was the puke/migraine queen all weekend and didn't get to participate much in the festivities.  You can read all about that excitement here.

Anyway, on Saturday night we headed to the Fort Worth Stockyards for the concert of the year (at least in my eyes...)

But first we wandered around and checked out the merchandise:
Of course, Mama found the pigs.

Attempt to ignore the pale sickliness look I've got going on.

There have been a few recent additions to the Peterson Family in the last few months, namely, Roosevelt, Hollywood, and Cougar.  You can read a bit about them (and see the cutest baby on earth) here.  It was especially fun to look at all the cowboy equipment with my Dad because he's the coolest cowboy I know.

We also saw a few horses hanging out on the way to the concert.  

The concert was at Billy Bob's Texas, the largest honky tonk in the world.  Despite the ridiculously smoky atmosphere, it was a pretty sweet place.  Grant's favorite part was the giant dance floor.  We might just have to go back & get our boot-scootin' boogie on.

And then... we witnessed the most impressive display of rockin' tunes known to man...

Know who it is yet? (You should be ashamed if you don't...)

Maybe this video will help.  I highly recommend listening to this clip.  However, actually watching might be hazardous to your health...

Styx (in case you haven't figured it out yet) was awesome.  Most of the band were the original members and they sounded as good as they ever have.  Thank you Dad for introducing me to awesome music as a child.  I'm listening to Rhythm of the Rain by Dan Fogelberg as I write this.  Love you.


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