Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the verdict is...

It's a Boy... unmistakably!

Congrats if you guessed right!  Now our little boy will have 13 first names- awesome!  

Baby T salutes you if you guessed right!  

And this is his sweet (err.. scary) upside down face.  He is a wiggly wiggly boy, but didn't want to wiggle his cute little face to the side so we could get a profile picture.  So, we're stuck with the scary, upside down ghost face for now :)

In celebration I made blue cupcakes!  Have a virtual blue cupcake on me!  Yay for little boys.

And yay for being halfway through my pregnancy... :)


Bekah and Kyle said...

I'm so excited for you too. Baby boys are so adorable:-) You mentioned 13 names, any you're leaning towards? Kyle is voting the name Kyle... or Patrick (his middle name)...:-) Congratulations again!!

Shawn and Nina Olsen said...

SO fun!! You'll be the best mommy Kelsey! Love you!

Rob & Gina said...

Congrats Kelsey!! How fun!

Jill said...

A Boy! Paul is jealous :) Congrats. We are so excited for you guys. It will be July before you know it. Maybe we'll have to plan a trip to Denver in August to meet this little guy. Miss you guys :)

Lindsay said...

Congrats!!! That is so exciting!

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