Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #4: Duck, Duck, Chicken Strips

Disney World is full of creatures.  Donald is a duck, Mickey is a mouse, Pluto is a dog, Goofy is... a strange dog.  While these creatures... er... characters are lots of fun to give hugs and get pictures with, for some reason, they didn't entertain me quite as much as some of the more natural, normal sized creatures:

Unfortunately, while Mickey and Minnie seem to possess some kind of magical intelligence unknown to all other mice, the living, quacking mallards at Disney World most definitely were not blessed with the same level of brain power.  I'm convinced that animals who find homes on Disney property are so often fed and oogled at by people, that the animals themselves think they are people.

So of course, I went after one, with my creeper hands and all.

I'm not sure why my arms naturally go to that "creeper" position... but I am definitely sure that it makes me sneakier.

Come here duckie duckie. (Notice that he is totally oblivious...)

Just a little further!

I was literally an inch from him and little duck-face could've cared less.

"Quackity quack quack," which means, "If this lady's not going to feed me churros and chicken strips, I'm out of here!"

And thus, he left me.  If I would've had chicken strips, I just might have fed him.  It's amazing that I didn't have chicken strips right then because chicken strips and french fries are Baby T's (or rather, Fetus T's) favorite food. 

Luckily Disney has no shortage of fried potatoes and chicken.  Although, with the amount of clucks & fries I was consuming that weekend, they might be having a shortage right now...

One thing I didn't ever get to eat at Disney World... was duck...


Lindsay said...

I love your blog! Congrats on the baby! I hope you are feeling better now! I love your Disneyworld pictures, this post reminded me last time I was at Disneyworld... A bird pooped on my Grandpa's head, he was pretty ticked! We all thought it was hilarious!

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