Saturday, February 5, 2011

Disney World Chronicles #5: World Travelers

After I reluctantly left my new duck bff, we headed for a trip around the world.  Only at Disney can you visit Canada next to England next to Morocco, Japan, Mexico, etc.  

We checked out Canada.

Chatted in various phone booths:

Nothing like a good phone booth picture:

And an even better friend to be a human doorstop for you:

Snapped a few crazy face-in-the-hole pictures:

Saw a silly little show in England:

Told off some naughty kids...

Okay not really... I think this is just Logan telling an epic stories:

Checked out some sweet Moroccan architecture:

As well as sweet Moroccan fashion:

Saw some awesome Japanese candy sculpting:

And got our only character picture of the entire trip... with Duffy...

Who is Duffy?  According to Logan, " I'm so glad you would ask. Duffy is Disney's new, off brand character. No movie, no cartoon, just a mascot sized costume and some mugs/tshirts with his picture on them for sale. So glad this is the only character we took a picture with. Any one more mainstream would have been far too trendy for my liking."

It was an awesome finish to our first Disney day.  Woot.


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