Friday, February 24, 2012

Beginning Home Projects

We love our new house.  We are certainly the definition of "house poor" right now.  Moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house left us quite a few decorative holes.  Luckily, those holes left room for decorative projects!

We spent a week or so ripping apart the first of our two wingback chairs.  We are planning to reupholster them both, but haven't decided on a fabric yet, but have a few choices: One, Two, or Three. Any thoughts?

But for now, our dining room/family room is a reupholstery-in-progress room.


Kamian said...

The first fabric!

Whitney said...

I like the first fabric, but you could probably even do one chair in the first and one chair in the third?

Jill said...

You guys are brave! FUn projects. I vote for 1 or 3.

Anonymous said...

Fabric choice number one! It's beautiful and fun! I love your new house! And your little man is so adorable!

Meagan said...

I like fabric option #3 ... but if possible check out Home Fabric's... much better prices on upholstery fabric than JoAnn's and lots of fun choices.

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