Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow Day

It's been snowy lately.  And we've had a driveway to shovel.  On this day, we shoveled four times- hence the giant piles of snow.  We got 26 inches.  Holy shamolies.

Willister has been enjoying the cold weather. 

And so has Grant.  We're planning to head up to the mountains soon.  But the big question: skiing or snowshoeing?!

I love being back in the West again.  Snow can be a pain, especially when you don't feel like shoveling driveways or scraping windows. But I love the way the snow looks so smooth and perfect before it's covered in footprints and tire tracks.  I love the excitement of flying down a mountain on skiis or sledding down a hill.  I love getting snowed in, wearing sweats all day and drinking hot chocolate.  And I love seeing how happy the snow makes Grant, and the awe on Will's face when everything is bright and cold.  

Bring it on, Winter.


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