Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poolside meltdown

Last Saturday we headed to the rec center by our house to take Will swimming.  Of course, when we showed up, I had a swim suit top but no bottoms...  While I was bummed I couldn't swim, (at least without causing quite a ruckus), it allowed me to take lots of pictures.

Will was not so excited to go swimming.  It was really loud with kids running everywhere and he was not digging it.

We headed into the room with the fitness pool.  It was a bit quieter but Will was still upset.  Grant let him kick his feet: no luck.  Backfloats: no luck.  Swimming on his tummy: no luck. 

But finally after twenty minutes or so, Will found his hand and all was well.

In fact, he was even starting to like it.


He loved been thrown by his daddy.

Finally, success!  When Will would make a "bbbbbb" noise, which he often does, Grant would put his mouth in the water and Will would blow bubbles.  They swam for another half-hour or so and Will loved it.  

And I finally got to play with the bubba after swimming was over. 

He loves faces; that is grabbing faces.

Happy, happy bubba.  Happy, happy mama.


Steph said...

Love those sad faces! So sad, but so adorable!

Kk said...

He is a little face-maker! I love it. Hahaha!

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