Saturday, February 25, 2012

Miners and BBQ

For the long President's Day weekend, we took a little trip down to Colorado Springs.  One of our favorite BBQ joints has a restaurant down there and we have been dying to get back to some Texas BBQ.

But first we stopped at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry.

We tagged along with a boy scout tour and learned all about mining.  Here they had a replica of an actual mine.  The tour guide had a working drill that she used to demonstrate how incredibly loud it was.  Will's sensitive baby ears decided that he wasn't cut out to be a miner.

He was a great sport.  He loves looking at anything and everything, and of course, attempting to put everything in his mouth.

They also had a few authentic working steam engines and the tour guide ran them all for us.  It is amazing how huge some of them were.  And it's incredible how far technology has come in the last century alone!

I didn't get a good picture of it, but Will is wearing his Mr. Miyagi shirt that says "Wax on, Wax off."  

A cool rock.

Lunging to eat a cool rock.

And afterwards, we stopped in at Rudy's for some of the best BBQ.  Sausage, brisket, turkey, ribs, pork loin, banana pudding, and beans.  No, that's not the entire menu... just what we ordered... :)

I've never been good at taking pictures of food.  It's just too darn tasty to wait.  Hence, I have a few after pictures of our giant BBQ lunch.  

Will was a little jealous that he had to eat baby food instead of BBQ, so we let him try a little turkey.  

He loved it.  Duh.


Kk said...

I can't believe how big Will is getting!!!

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