Sunday, February 12, 2012

Best Cousin Birthday Buddies

Will & Gav had a blast together over Christmas.  

They got twinner jammies from Bma & Papa.

Gavin taught Will to be a good sharer by borrowing his car seat whenever it was available, (and occasionally when Will was already in it...)

He also taught Will to hold hands...

Does it get much cuter?

Gav got a Sit & Spin for Christmas so the boys tested it out.

They were the hit of the holiday.  Clearly.


Looking at these pictures makes me miss my family and wish that another Peterson holiday was coming up soon.  It also makes me realize how seriously behind I am in blogging.  Never mind that these pictures are two months old...


Krystin said...

So happy to see you updating your blog again! I was wondering how the move went and how life is! It was fun to see you over the break! Miss you!

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