Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Homies

Christmas was awesome.  Will got to spend time with lots of different people.  (He also was held, and rocked, and watched by lots of different people- hooray for mama-breaks!)

First, Will got to meet Santa Claus.  Poor kid.  He didn't get a picture with a living, breathing Santa, so i guess this will have to do...

Apparently, this slightly creepy Santa has been around since my mom was a kid.  Though he looks soft and cuddly, his face is surprisingly solid, which resulted in my uncle being spanked after chucking it at my mother.  Keep in mind, this was some 40 years ago... 

Will also spent time with the Christmas tree.  We always have a real tree and I love the smell.

Unfortunately, we ran out of lights about two-thirds of the way down the tree.  While we did go buy another strand, it never made it onto the tree.  Hence, we had a lovely, partially lit tree.  Will didn't mind.  In fact, he didn't even notice.  (He's not very observant, poor kid...) :)

He hung out with Great Papa.

And I love how Will looks like he has a crew cut.  Classic.

And of course, GG too.  This picture should be on awkward family photos...

We did Christmas Eve with the Batemans and Will made a new friend, Lily!  I was also asked to read Twas the Night Before Christmas in the annual gift exchange!!  After nearly 20 years, I finally got my day in the sun.  (Poor middle children-- miss out on all the cool opportunities hah)

Will also spent time with his birthday cousin, Gavin.  While Will's 1st Christmas was fun for us, Gavin's second Christmas was certainly more exciting.  Opening presents, people everywhere, and checking out what everybody else got.   

It's fun to watch Gavin because next year Will will be the exact same age.  It makes it easy to see what's to look forward to, (and also, what to dread...). 

Papa also introduced Will to his dog, Duke.  Will was not so sure about that.  Will did not get to meet Izzy, my parents' other dog.  I'm pretty sure that he would be pretty sure that he was pretty sure he wouldn't like Izzy.  Trust me.  I'm pretty sure.

Will also got to spend time with Bruce, Tracy, and their boys...  

...with Great Aunt DeeDee.

And of course, with Bma.  Clearly, Will gets his lovely olive complexion from Bma's side...

Oh wait, there's the whitey.  All is well.


Lindsay McFarland said...

Sad...I spent lots of time with Will and I didn't get a cameo! Love you!

L.L. said...

SO cute, Kels!

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