Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grad School? Rad School!

Yes, it's true. I am a grad student. A few years ago if you asked me what grad school would be like I would probably have said something like, "Memorizing more than humanly possible, writing enough papers that I would rather die, and overall exhaustion..."  (Actually, that was more like my undergrad).  However, a few years ago, I wasn't really thinking about getting an M.A. in dance.  And I also never guessed I would be taking an intense 2 week workshop in Hip Hop for graduate credit.  Awesome?  I think so.  That's why I'm allowed to look like this:

This was taken right after I learned how to spin on my back... Hello bruises!

In the below picture: those aren't my shoes... but I wish they were.

Today was our teacher Teena's birthday.  I love how she gets a fruity frilly cake when she is really a gangsta.  Check her out here. (In all honesty, I didn't get to eat this cake.  Thanks Calli (my acupuncturist)) Can I do double parenthesis like that..?

Matt ate my share of the birthday cake.  Actually, he would need about 3 more pieces to eat my share, but that's okay.  No shame.  Love it.

All these pictures make it look like we sit around and eat cake.  That really only happens after we get super (and I mean super) sweaty.

Grad school is great.  At least, it's great if you're in the dance program, it's a two week long summer term, and you don't have to think about big, deep concepts like connectivity, collaboration, aesthetics, engagement.... blah blah.  There's plenty of time for thinking in the fall :)


Jill said...

I remember taking Hip Hop at Gold's Gym... it was pretty embarrassing! I'm sure you're a lot better. Yes, I love the 50 mm and yes, you said it right! Do we get to hear the story behind all the accupuncture business?

Jennie and Dalin Nelson said...

good work!! congrats!

Jonathan Whitaker said...

Your instructor is freakin' amazing

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