Monday, May 17, 2010

Waffles of Glory

In case you didn't know, we are big, and I mean BIG waffle fans.  Most of our parties revolve around waffles as do most of our breakfasts.  About a year ago we discovered the best waffle on the face of the planet...At my Nana's!  We went to visit Nana & Papa Peterson down in St. George last year and came home with a jar full of icky, gooey goodness: a sourdough starter.  It's basically fermented gook and it. Is. AWESOME!

There are two main steps to a sourdough recipe.  The first step is to create more gook, basically by letting it breed like a wild rabbit..  My sourdough starter consists of one cup of gook.  After I've created more gook, I take out one cup and put in back in the jar before the second step.  If you don't take it out, ALL IS LOST!  That's why you give starters to your friends.  They can bail you out of your spoiled starter nightmares. start with these ingredients: gook, instant dry milk, flour, and water (not pictured).

Dump the gook into a large mixing bowl.  

It's pretty gooky

Then you add the powdered milk and flour.

Then add the water and mix well. Cover this lovely mixture with a dish towel and let it sit overnight.  That gook needs to germinate! (Probably not the right word.)

In the morning it will look something like the picture below: bubbly, frothy, and a little creepy.

Take out one cup(ish) and put it back in the jar. (Which you washed last night...)  This will stay in the fridge until the next time you make sourdough goodness.

Next comes the second step of a sourdough recipe.  From this point there are endless possibilities.  Depending on the ingredients added next, you can make pancakes, bread, cake, or WAFFLES!  For the best waffle in the world you need the ingredients below:

Add the powdered milk, soda, salt, sugar, oil, and eggs.

Mix! It gets quite bubbly and expansive.  This is a good thing.

Then pour into your favorite waffle iron but be careful.  A little goes a LONG way with this batter.  I have learned this from extensive experience with overflowing waffle irons...

Oh snap! You just made the best waffle in the whole world!

Afterthought: I didn't include the actual recipe because you can't make it without a starter!  And in order to get a starter, you'll have to come visit us in Texas. Take that!


Dad said...

Daddy and I are so impressed by your cooking accomplishments. Who would have thought? I am pretty sure all my children have better cooking skills than I. You must have inherited it from your Daddy's side. Go Chef Kels!

Bekah and Kyle said...

AWESOME!! :) I am glad Bekah and I could inspire you, and thanks for the Blog shout-out! :) we too are BIG waffle fans... you should try the strawberry syrup i bet it would be delish on these waffles! :)

Jill said...

Looks delicious! Now I am going to have to give Paul a hard time for not bringing home some gook when he was there! I'm thinking you need to bring some to Denver either this June (are you going?) or Christmas so you can share the gook love. Do you make bread from it, too?

thompsonfamily said...

Hey wait a minute! I gave you a jar for a sourdough starter and I never recieved it. You all stole my mason jar you big meanies. =( Hmmm guess you owe me waffles!

kelseybeth said...

Kyle: We most certainly will!!

Jill: We are coming to Denver (woohoo!) and we will definitely bring some gook with us. I think I may have to split it up into a few 3 oz. containers hah, but we'll get it there.

Cait: Oops! Don't even remember that- but I will make sure to return the jar filled with yummy goodness :)

Jonathan Whitaker said...

So I had a roommate that claimed his starter dough was from his Great-Grandmother in 1917. It is practically a family heirloom

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