Thursday, May 20, 2010

Karate Kid Anyone?

Now that I have passed my big test, I have free time again.  You can do a lot when you don't have to study 12 hours a day.  So what have I been doing with my after-work free time you ask?  Watching Karate Kid of course.  

As of last month, Kelsey had never seen Karate Kid.  I was like, what?  Wax on, wax's a classic.  She knew how much I loved it, so she got me the Karate Kid trilogy for my birthday a month ago.  Last night, we finished watching Karate Kid II.  Needless to say, I want to become a karate master now.  Have you, dear reader, ever taken Karate/ TaeKwonDo classes?  Maybe Kelsey and I can find a class to enroll in so we can learn to kick some butt.  Agreed?  

PS - I am stoked for the new Karate Kid with Jackie Chan


beth said...

Robbie took some form of Karate once. He had the outfit and everything but the class was cancelled because the teacher quit coming! Bruce has taken some form too! In fact , I think he was pretty good, way back when. Thanks for helping Kelsey see the light.

Steve and Erin Larsen said...

Funny you are talking about this movie because I just watched it like a month ago with my mom! I haven't seen it in years! And I can't wait for the new one to come out with Will Smith's son!! It looks SO GOOD!! :)

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