Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Season

I probably shouldn't use baby titles because I can guarantee that you thought this would be an announcement of sorts...  Sorry.

Well, I guess it sort of is an announcement, but just an announcement of other people's babies.  This spring/summer seriously feels like baby season.  Grant and I have one niece that was born earlier this year and a nephew on the way.  We also have multiple friends having babies and we have baby birds outside are door that are currently breaking through their little shells.  Which, on an unrelated note, makes me think of the importance of adversity...

But anyway, since there will be (and have been) important baby appearances in the Tanner/Peterson families, I decided to make a little something to welcome the new additions.  As you may know, before Grant & I got married, my domestic skills consisted of making pizza balls (which are fabulous and won me Gant's heart) and... okay that's about it.  I have had a lot of fun learning all sorts of domestic skills (No, really. I have.), and one of those is sewing.  Leslie, my mother-in-law, started teaching me how to sew when I got a sewing machine for my first married Christmas.  Since then, I have been teaching myself with a few easy projects.  

My sister-in-law, Rachel, is really crafty and gave me a few websites with tutorials for these projects. The first one is an appliqued onesie.  The tutorial/pattern came from here.  Since I was still working on sewing straight lines (and I still am) this was a perfectly easy project for me!  Gavin is going to be a total baby stud in this.

Then I ventured off and created patterns of my own.  I traced these flowers from a stamp or something... I can't remember now.

I found this dinosaur image on Google, traced it off my computer, and then created a separate outline for the spine spikes.  If you look closely at this horrible cell phone picture, you can see my amazing sewing skills all over those spikes.  Boy, they were fun!

I believe this one came from Google images as well.  I just cut the bubbles out on my own. 

After that, I decided I was ready for a challenge.  I decided to make baby booties with another tutorial/pattern that Rachel found me here.  First I made some for Gavin.  I made approximately 7 mistakes on this pair.  That is why there are slits in the front of the booties, one of the backs is put on backwards (how appropriate), one of the ankle holes is way smaller than the other one, and it took me way too long to finish these...  But aren't they cute regardless?  Gavin may have one ankle without circulation, but he'll look pretty darn cute.

Then I made a girly pair.  I made a lot fewer mistakes and it went a lot quicker.  I also made a pair with the back turned the other way.  In other words, when the booty is on, the polka dot fabric shows on the heel instead of the duckies.  

Man, look at my domestic skills!  I think I'm ready to conquer the world now, thank you. :)


Jennie and Dalin Nelson said...

wow good job! you did awesome

The McFarlands said...

I can't wait to put Gavin in all his cute new stuff! We can't wait to see you guys again...I think you should drive up next Tuesday, and then stay to see Dad and Rob the next day. LOVE YOU!

Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

Oh my gosh everything looks fantastic. I love all your fabric! Where do you find such cute fabric? The monsters and rubber duckies are too adorable.

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