Monday, May 31, 2010


Five years ago, our lives were filled with silliness, fun, and crazy adventures.  Steph, Caitlin & I were in the same ward in Boise and we spent a lot of time together.  Steph & I drove to dance together every morning at 5:45 (we were basically asleep) and lived next door to each other.  We were constantly hanging out at each other's houses.  We created a permanent pathway in the grass that leads across Steph's front lawn to my house.  Sorry Paula :)  Cait moved to Boise our junior year of high school and introduced me to a whole new world of craziness.  We went through the car wash in our swim suits and had dance parties in random intersections.

Since then, we have all gotten married (Steph to her high school boyfriend and our good friend, Kyle), and Caitlin even has two adorable little boys!  Amazingly, the three of us, who never dreamed of living in Texas, all ended up within an hour of each other this summer!  We all got together for an evening of good food (Thanks Cait) and reminiscing.

And in all honesty, not too much of the silliness has gone away...


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Woot I finally made it on to the Tanner blog!!

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