Friday, May 21, 2010

Wants vs. Needs

This is the scene in front of me.  A need.  But definitely not a want.

This is what I replace it with.  Coloring is a want but arguably, a need as well.  

Three year olds cannot play "Busy Body Bingo" on uncolored boards.  It would be uncivilized.  So I color on...


Bekah said...

I'm facing a similar dilemma... I 'need' to get through my work load that is on my desk... but I 'want' to browse the internet, read blogs, and play Google's pacman on their homepage...judging by the fact that I'm on your blog posting a comment, I bet you can guess what I chose lol :-) Happy Friday!

kelseybeth said...

Ooh that's a sweet pacman game! I'm glad you chose the latter and that you shared more ways to fill life with 'want' haha!

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