Sunday, May 16, 2010

Picture in Progress

We got a new camera!  I have been oogling at DSLRs for over a year and I am very excited to now own one!  We purchased a Canon Rebel XS.  It has lots of buttons and cool features of which I know about 3...  I have approximately one factoid worth of knowledge about exposure, composition,...but I am excited to learn!! So far, I have taken a lot of pictures of Grant studying (because that's all he's had time to do lately).  I have also taken these:
 Happy Birthday Peter!

The last picture is part of a cooking post I'm cooking up! (How cheesy is that...)  Inspired by our good friends at I Heart Food and So Can You!


Bekah said...

I'm so excited for your food posts!! What are you making?? (PS why don't we live closer? I'm really craving pancakes right now lol :-)

kelseybeth said...

Yeah! I showed Grant your blog and he decided we should make every one of your recipes :) We make sourdough all the time so I took some pictures of that. We'll see how it goes. Um, and yes, you're welcome to move to Texas anytime hah (but really... don't.)

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