Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh, the Summertime

This evening I have my last final for this semester. It officially marks the end of my first year of graduate school (what?!) and the beginning of summer! This summer is especially exciting for many reasons:

1. Baby Elaina Tanner is being blessed. We're figuring out travel plans so we can make it back to Denver and see the Tanner's again! Look at those cheeks!

2. Baby Gavin McFarland will be born! He will be the first Peterson grandchild and the first great-grandchild on both sides of the family. And... he will be super spoiled...
(no picture... blame it on the McFarland's lack of internet...)

3. Robbie will leave on his mission. His call is en route to Boise as we speak! I'm so excited for him, and hopefully we can make it home for his farewell. Doesn't he look ready to go...?

4. I'm headed home to work! I have some solos booked in Boise for next season so I'll be heading back to get as much work done as possible. I honestly have the best job in the world. This is Carol- She taught me everything I know. Well, besides my mom :)

5. Kallene is home! One of my best friends since the 2nd grade, Kallene has been in Hawaii on a mission for the last 18 months. I may not get to see her for a while, but at least I get to call her when I want :)

6. We have lots of extended visitors in Texas this summer! Stephanie & Kyle Atwood as well as Matt Stoker are all in the area this summer to sell pest control. We were all best friends in high school and it is SO nice to have a piece of home here.

7. School is out! Apart from a 2 week long Maymester, I won't have any school until the end of August. This semester I let some of my homey ambitions take a back seat (cooking, crafting, cleaning... oops). I'm ready to feel refreshed and get back at it again.

Woohoo summer!


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