Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Out on the Town

Yesterday after my first acupuncture appointment (a story for another time), I stopped by Southlake Town Square, an outdoor mall near where we live.  City Hall is in the middle of the mall area, along with a park where they hold concerts and other events.  Pretty fancy, eh?  Southlake is a town with, how would you say it... deep pockets?

I tried out some of the settings on my camera.  This shot was taken with the Macro function.  

And this one with the Action function.  It uses a really fast shutter speed so that motion is frozen instead of blurred.  The water drops in this picture make me thirsty.

And last, but most certainly not least, the face of a random, painted cow!  I like how the cow has a water tower painted on his T-zone.  Perhaps it works like those pore strips that rip out blackheads... gross, sorry.  And poor guy, looks like his ear got caught in the car door (not that I've ever done that or could relate...)


Dad said...

Wow! What a great camera. Looks like you have a new found obsession! Love the water photo and the petunia.

beth said...

K , I think I just figured out how to change who the comment was from. Sorry if you thought it was from Dad. It was from your Mama. Love you.

Zaundra and Grant said...

I LOVE THAT MALL!!!! And I love southlake. I beg Grant to let us live there everyday. haha. How fun!

Matt and Betsy said...

so fun!! i love the water picture... i can't wait to try out all the things on my camera too :] and yes the similarities are starting to get a wee bit creepy! :]

kelseybeth said...

Mama- I knew it was you because Dad would never post on a blog... :) Thanks

Zaundra- It is fun that you know what I'm talking about! That mall has a really nice feel too it- affording the stuff that is sold there is sometimes another story... :)

Betsy- We are quickly becoming life-twins! Let me know how the camera stuff goes!

Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

I'm jealous of your camera. I want one!

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