Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flavor of the Week

Tutti Fruiti is a local yogurt shop at which we are patrons.  A few nights ago we ventured out with our good friends, the Mallorys.  Luckily, they were good sports and let me take silly pictures!

First, you get samples of all the flavors to see which one you like the best.

Grant's favorite is the pomegranate.  So is mine.  But I'm not eating sugar because the acupuncturist advised me not to.  Darn.

Try not to spill it on the ground...

But if you do, laugh! Because it's not your house and you don't have to clean it up! (That's probably not why Caitlin was laughing here...)

Then you get a bowl like this.  Thank you Vanna Robbie for modeling.

Fill it with your favorite flavor (or two or three or more).  Grant is getting me sugar free vanilla-- yay!!

Add your favorite toppings!  Logan's just might include breakfast cereal... I'm not certain.  But I am certain that I love Robbie's face in the background.  Excellent.

Then put your goodness on the scale because you pay by weight.  Just remember to take the spoon out because we paid for the weight of ours :)

Smile because I'm almost done taking pictures of you!  


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