Thursday, May 6, 2010

Celebrating (?) One Year of Texas

We graduated a year ago:
We drove 1700 miles:
We moved to Texas!
We got jobs:

We ate like Kings (occasionally)
We hit the hot spots:
We braved the rugged outdoors:
We cheered on the local teams (except for when they played the Jazz)
We went exploring:
We saw the sights:
We braved the nasty summer heat:
We... flexed our muscles?
We made lots of great new friends:
We hosted parties:
We learned new skills:
We got to know the wild life:
Some of them we got to know too well...

And somehow, through the humidity, distance, unemployment, we're still here! God Bless Texas! (Just not more than Idaho or Colorado)


Rob & Gina said...

How fun! Such a small world too: Peter and Emily Andrew are our great friends! Rob and Peter were in the same mission and they were roommates too--crazy! They're awesome like you and Grant :). Glad you're having a good time in Texas.

kelseybeth said...

Yeah- they told us that! How funny :) It really is such a small world

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