Friday, May 28, 2010

Shadow Dance

Yesterday was the last day of dance classes before the recital.  I can't believe I've been working with these girls for a whole year!  I brought my camera and we took lots of pictures.  It was pretty dark in the studio and as I am learning, bad lighting+action shots+beginner behind the camera = not so good shots.  

We did get some pretty cool shots of my seniors out behind the studio.  The sun was setting and it created great shadows on the wall!

These are a few of the good ones.  I bumped up the contrast and then played with different tinting effects.

Someday we will probably invest in Photoshop or even just Photoshop Elements.  But for now, Picasa works really well for us.  Picasa is Google's free photo editing software and it does a lot of basic edits such as cropping, contrast, color, etc.  

My sister-in-law Jill also told me about Picnik, a website that has a free version of its editing program.  From the little bit that I have used it, it seems to offer a lot of features that Picasa can't do.  However, the free version is a bit limiting and I like that Picasa is a separate program that works outside of your web browser.

The good news?  Google has acquired Picnik and I'm hoping that some of the features from Picnik will be included in the next version of Picasa.

Woot for cool pictures!


Matt and Betsy said...

love these pictures! you are way better with your camera than i am with mine!

Jill said...

Fun photos. I played around with picnik the other night and found it to be really slow. I guess you have to purchase it to make it worth it. I like Picasa as well and we use photoshop occasionally but it's too overwhelming for me!

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