Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Summer is Really All About

Fall: Attempt to ignore my school readings
Winter: Succeed in ignoring my school readings
Summer: Read everything I can get my hands on!

Last summer I read a lot of books about events surrounding World War II: The Zookeeper's Wife, Refuge Denied, Shanghai Diaries, etc.

I also read a few books about the Rwandan Genocide: An Ordinary Man, and Machete Season

I have yet to decide what to base my reading around this year.  I grabbed three books at the library today: One is about Colonialism in Africa (1800's), one is about the Balkan Genocide (1990's) and the other is about the American Revolutionary War (1770's).  We'll see what direction catches.  This is what our library study room looks like. 

 Grant turned up the gazelle intensity for his Series 7 exam next week.


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