Friday, April 16, 2010

Best Discovery Ever!

Grant has lots of talents. One of his talents is being really charming so that he gets what he wants- mostly when he's negotiating a price with the apartment complex, Goodwill, etc. Another one of his talents is uh... word improvisation skills? Basically this means that when he can't remember a word he just plugs in the closest word he can think of. It's highly entertaining.

Spring Creek BBQ has become Swaggly's, thawed has become dethawed, and there are lots of other words that I can't remember right now... One time Grant was trying to remember the name of our favorite movie theatre... Tilley Trolley? Well, that's pretty close to Tinseltown.
The best part? Today I discovered that there really is a Tilley Trolley!! Tilley the Trolley to be exact. According to the synopsis of the book, "Tilley the Trolley," "Read the story about the Tilley the Trolley who is rescued from a field by a young boy name Billy. Tilley is then restored and put into use at a trolley museum." We are definitely getting this book to read to our children!


Lauren said...

This is somewhat unrelated...but I have to say that I LOVE Spring Creek BBQ.

ericnashlea said...

Looks like you guys are having fun. How is Dallas?

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