Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've been wanting to post on our blog this week but haven't had anything substantial to write about, only random things bobbling around in my head. I guess I have been thinking about the future a lot so here are some bobbleheaded, futuristic predictions for the future. I said future a lot in that sentence. There it is again! Snap.

-In the future, I will go to Jamba Juice because I just discovered that there is one near where we live.
-In the future, we will have a nephew named Gavin Kelsey McFarland-- Okay, maybe not the Kelsey part...
-In the future, I will prepare my sunbeams lesson before Sunday morning...
-In the future, I will be in a musical. A funny, silly musical.
-In the future, all of Grant's hair will be grey and he will look very distinguished, like George Clooney.
-In the future, Robbie will go on his mission and I will hate not being able to call him.
-In the future, I will have a master's degree.
-In the future, we will melt because it will be really hot in Texas.
-In the future, we won't melt because we won't live in Texas.
-In the future, I will beat Crash Bandicoot.
-In the future, we will have babies and name them cool things like Michael Angelo Tanner or our favorite, Poop Smif Tanner.... oh man.
-In the future, Grant & I will go to Mexico and visit people from his mission.
-In the future, I will get a Canon Rebel and take awesome pictures.

Well, that's probably enough predictions from my bobbly head. At least it's something to hold you over until we take pictures of something cool.


Bekah said...

Haha! Cutest post ever! :-)

Rebecca said...

If you guys want company on the mission tour let us know! Maybe we could both go at the same time and meet up in the areas where Grant and Andy served together.

Stephanie Young said...

In the future, I will live near you again and we will play like old times! (Count down: 9 days)

Taylor said...

Hew is a ware gwimps of the poopsmif in his natauwal habitat...

Ummm, earth to were already musical! An awesome I might add.

Love ya miss ya!

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