Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Search for Sanity: Part VII

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I had my last appointment with Calli last week.  I've been through a few messy breakups in my day, and luckily this one went smoothly.  She gave me the phone numbers of two other natural medicine specialists and said I might want to try them.

It has been probably ten years or so since I have seen a neurologist so Grant & I decided it would be good to check in with one.  Our insurance requires a referral to see a specialist like that so I had an appointment with our new family doctor.  All my vitals look great and I got a referral to see a local neurologist.  The doctor I'm going to see focuses specifically on headaches as opposed to other neurological disorders or problems.  I am excited to see what he has to say and to learn what developments have been made with migraines in the last 10 years.

In addition, Grant did a little research online and found Ascendant Neuro, a treatment being performed by neurologists in Dallas.  I talked to one of their representatives and they said with my history I sound like a good candidate.   I have only read up on the basics, but essentially, they put permanent implants into your head that send electronic pulses to your nerves.  "In principle, it works by safely and gently stimulating certain superficial nerves of the head." 

Of course, making a decision to have surgical implants put in my head is kind of a big deal and would require a lot of research as well as multiple professional opinions.  But it is exciting to know that there are possible solutions out there.


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Good luck on your journey--we're praying for you

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