Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We are the Children...

It's true.  We are overgrown children.  That is why we can't stop making up silly songs (like "Sprinkle Man") and giggling until late hours of the night.  Being twenty-something children has all the silliness and fun of being an actual child, but you also get added privileges like driving and late bedtimes.  It all sounds so glorious until you remember the responsibility that comes along with age... darn you rent, insurance and taxes!

But we forgot about that for a day and went on a kid adventure to....

This is one of those cool whisper dishes that allows you to tell secret messages to your chums across long distances.  When Grant & I met we lived across the grass from each other at Liberty Square Apartments.  We definitely should have built these for easier communication.  That would have spared us (and our poor neighbors) the pain of yelling across the complex into each other's windows...

The museum is in a part of Dallas called Fair Park.  It holds lots of museums, performance halls, and of course, the famed Cotton Bowl Stadium.

Inside the museum we found all kinds of cool things.  They have a dinosaur exhibit.  Dinosaurs are cool.  But they were a lot cooler in second grade when we played a dinosaur simulation similar to the Oregon Trail game... but for dinosaurs.  But now I feel like I've outgrown dinosaurs.  So I snapped this picture and we moved on.

Now, Polar bears are something that still hold my interest.  Probably because I just finished watching Lost.  This one was dead and stuffed, but he was still ginormous.  Much more ginormous than this picture gives him credit for.

The polar bear was part of an exhibit about water.  We learned all about the world's water supply, dams, porous rocks, and ancient irrigation systems.  We took interactive quizzes and played with small versions of dams and other water systems.  They also had this cool screen with a topographical map of Mt. Rainier.  When you held these clouds over the screen, it showed the path that rain would take down the mountain should it land there.  Sweet!

They also had exhibits that were more physics based.  I think those are my favorite types of museum exhibits because there are so many hands on activities.  Grant had fun with this anti-gravity mirror.  I find it a little disturbing that the middle of his body is missing... 

But that's okay.  It came back just in time for the classic Tanner picture.  When your husband has monkey-long arms, you find that most of your pictures consist of a facial close up where he's always on the right.  That's just the way it is.  

And I like it that way.


Taylor said...

Sprinkle the sprinkle man
sprinkle me alloverwhenyoucan!

We sing it all the time.

I'm loving all of these are so funny.

kelseybeth said...

Yes!! I'm glad you remember. I feel so honored to be remembered by the Garners with both BUENAS Vista and the Sprinkle Man song :)

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