Friday, July 16, 2010

A Dora Day

One of the girls in my Sunbeam class at church is turning 4 this week!  In fact, Emily and I are exactly 18 years and 1 day apart!  I told her mom I would like to help with her party and so today I baked cupcakes!  Dora cupcakes to be specific.  I found the directions here.

First, I made some hair out of candy melts

Then I skinned some cupcakes.  It was an anxiety filled process figuring out how to get this color.  (Not to mention wondering how many extra cans of frosting it would cost before I would get it right).

I cut out some fruit roll up mouths.  This was tricky because the fruit roll up wouldn't unroll.  It was a sticky mess.  Thank you Texas humidity.... How many times can I say that?!

And Voila!  Dora was born.  Well... a few hours later.  I became quickly aware that Dora's hair was taking over her face so most of the Dora's got a smart bob.

Unfortunately, she kind of looks like the Berries & Cream lad.... 

How unfortunate.... I'm pretty sure that video won't work... so just in case, you can see it here.

So anyways... there were also so eye issues.  The directions said to use chocolate chips for the eyes, but that made Dora a little googly-eyed...

Unfortunately, I'm afraid my eyeballing skills weren't too much better...

Little eyes.. big eyes... oh man.  

But really, they are for 4 year olds and I don't think they'll notice my bug eyes or Berries & Cream lads.  And when you put them all together, these little Doras don't look half bad!


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a little dora fan I know would just love them! they are adorable - what a great primary teacher you are! :)

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