Thursday, July 1, 2010

Somethin's a Growin'

We are growing green peppers.  However, we don't have a garden, a window with good sunlight, or any clue when we were supposed to plant these or how to take care of them...

But hey, they're growing anyway!  I'm not sure how big they are supposed to get before any actual peppers grow.  Hopefully they will be okay in these pots.

This one's just a little guy.

If nothing else, at least they are improving the air quality inside our apartment.  

Of course, outside we still have our Mango tree.  The first one that we planted died because we abandoned it last Christmas when it happened to snow... whoops!  This year we'll bring him inside a little earlier so that he doesn't die on us.

We would like to have a garden someday when we actually own a small piece of dirt.  But for now, it's fun to just have some tiny little planties inside!


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