Saturday, July 3, 2010

Turtle! Turtle!

Yesterday I took Grant lunch at work.  It has been really rainy lately so it was a bit cooler outside, (although super muggy).  We stuffed our faces in the comfortable A/C and then took a little jaunt out to the giant sauna also known as Mother Nature.

And we made friends!
 "Hola!  I'm a giant turtle with a pointy nose and awesome webbed hand-fin things!  I speak Spanish because hey, I'm from Texas so I'm basically half-Mexican!  Woot!"

This is "Squirty" swimming next to our new half-Mexican pointy nosed friend.  I just named him.  Just right now.  Because I name things.  They were interested in the ever tempting goodies Grant threw to them.

Carrots!  Oh, and this is Squirty's friend... um... Lyle... yep.  They are covered in gross lake moss.  Lyle and Squirty liked eating carrots but had to venture into shallow water to get them.  The fish in the lake we much faster.  And honestly.. much scarier. 

"Hey Lyle!  That's my carrot!"
"You wish!  Eat my swimming turtle dust, Squirty!"
They are extremely competitive... when the fish aren't around.

This is when Grant hit Lyle on the head with a carrot.  Good thing they have those creepy extendable and shrinkable necks.  How handy in case of flying carrot pieces!?

Excuse my strange weirdness today... I basically woke up laughing... must be a 3 day weekend...

In case you're not sick of turtles and basic stupidity, get a little more turtle action here.  "Turtle!  Turtle!"


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