Monday, June 14, 2010

The Search for Sanity: Part V

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Appointment 7:

  • Little to no progress.  (It's getting difficult to recognize whether I'm making progress or not.  It's possible that things have improved because I didn't have a migraine between those two visits.  Or maybe my next migraine is just two more days away... it's hard to say.)
  • Calli continued to go through the vials.  (Read back about the vials in Part IV). I didn't make it nearly as far this time.
  • The first vial was Iron and I was a little sensitive to it, but she decided to skip it for now.
  • The next was Vitamin A and I was very sensitive to it.  Calli did the same steps as before, using acupressure and acupuncture to "reprogram" my body to accept Vitamin A.
  • I couldn't eat or touch anything with Vitamin A in it for 25 hours.  This includes: green vegetables & fruits, bananas, tomatoes, any milk or cheese product, and fish.  This was kind of a tricky diet, but not nearly as bad as sugar.
  • I'm now back on my gluten-free and added sugar-free diet and I've been feeling pretty good since my last appointment!  I have taken Tylenol once but haven't had to take any Imitrex so that is good!


Leslee said...

Hey, I was talking to your mom at Lindsay's shower and she said she might need some gluten-free diet help. My email is

Suzie said...

I'm a skeptic...what does this Calli have a degree in anyway?

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