Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to Sneak Up on a Deer

Step One: Leave Texas.  The best way to do this is by airplane, not by car.

Step Two:  Go on a hike. We hiked Mount Falcon Park just outside Denver, Colorado.  Um... beautiful!

Step Three:  Find a lovely meadow surrounded by forested mountains.  For an accurate example, see Disney's Bambi :)

Step Four: Spot a deer!  (If this isn't your forte, take someone with you who has eagle eyes.  That's what I do)  Can you see her in these pictures yet?  Look close... where's waldo...?

Step Five: Sneak.  Okay, I'm not that good at actual sneaking directions.

Step Six: Over the meadow and through the woods...

Step Seven: Find a big rock to hide behind... or a tree... or a hunting blind (if you have a gun and you're hungry...)

Step Eight: Zoom!!  And don't move too much, especially if you have big bold stripes on that don't match the landscape...  Deer can't see colors very well, but they can see shapes.  I didn't exactly dress in camouflage.

Step Nine: Say "Awww" as you snap some pictures.  And then watch the deer prance away.


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