Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do You Want This Strawberry?

Our good friends Caitlin & Jared live in Fort Worth.  We love to visit them not only because they are good friends and good company, but also because they have two little boys who we love to play with.

This is Cole.  He is two and he loves us.

He especially loves Grant.

On Sunday, Caitlin was trying to feed Cole a strawberry.  He put it in his mouth & then spit it out because he didn't like it.

Caitlin gave it to Jared and Jared tried to give it to Cole.  He still wasn't having it.

The strawberry was handed off to Grant who asked, "Cole, do you want this strawberry?" 
"Yes!"  He ate it gladly.  Grant & Cole's relationship has always revolved around food.  I think that's why he is always so happy to see us...

This is Jace.

He loves to eat.  Unfortunately, he's not interested in any of the food that Grant can offer.  In fact, he has taken more to Kyle and Stephanie.  Especially Kyle.

Jace has the most adorable smile.  And with those cheeks, how could he not?

Cole is a great big brother and likes to help out his mom.  The night we were there, he was especially helpful in feeding Jace.  

He doesn't quite understand the concept that the bottle has to be upside down yet... but he's trying.

I think this is the moment when Jace realized he wasn't getting anything to eat while Cole was in charge...

Maybe this way will work...?

Or not...

Oh man, they are too cute...


thompsonfamily said...

those ARE cute kids! Cole really does love you guys....especially Grant =)

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