Sunday, June 13, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast...

We have birds above our door.  We have been following them through their fluffy little lives.  First, egg  stage, then hatchling stage, and now... awkward, in between stage.  Kind of like being a preteen.... I have been trying to get a good picture of them with the new camera but their nest is too high for me to see into even while standing on a chair.  Thus, I've resorted to pictures that look like this...

Oh hey, I got a head in this one:

And this would be a great picture if it was in focus...

They all blend together a bit.  The easiest way to find them is by looking for beaks.

I think there are five total.  Every day they get a little more adventurous.  We've even caught a few standing up.  

And lucky us, they even leave us presents!

(This is nothing compared to the ones that get past the paper and land on the ground...)


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