Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Tanner Family is currently childless (if you don't count the birds and Howard...).  Luckily, we have friends with children who are willing to pose for impromptu photo shoots.  Enter Bayden:

Bayden was in my Sunbeam class this year until his family moved a few towns away.

He loves to talk.  Really... he loves it.

He also loves Howard.  His family came over for dinner once.  We put Howard's bowl next to his plate so he could watch him during dinner.

Bayden often reminds me of how Howard likes to kiss him.  Grant taught Bayden to stick his finger in the bowl so that Howard would "kiss" him.  I think Grant is really training Howard to fight... not acceptable...

Here Bayden was telling me how a cloud outside was shaped like a donkey... what?

Bayden prays for me every night even though I'm not his teacher anymore.  I asked him who his new teacher was and he said, "You!"  The poor boy is in denial.

Bayden also has a younger sister, Ava.

At 18 months, Ava is already a true girly girl.  She has a serious shoe fetish.

She is also a cheese ball in front of the camera.  I love her little cheeks!

She taught me how to put this train together.

She is an excellent sharer.  Well... most of the time :)

Ava definitely has a little spunk in her.  She's not afraid to get what she wants!  And man, with that face... I have a feeling she will!

Thanks to Pamela & Ryan who didn't really give me permission to take pictures of their children... but let me anyway :)  No child is safe when I have my camera...


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