Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Foot, Big Foot...

I have undertaken a dangerous project.  (I use the word dangerous very liberally here...)

I have taken these:

Which go to these:

And rigged these (you can't tell in the picture, but they are a lot bigger)

To make something like this:

The first go round was pretty sketchy, but I altered the pattern and ended up with this.  I need to tweak it a bit more but I think they look pretty good for making it up!  I'm also thinking about using different, heavier fabrics to make them a little more lasting.

This weekend we're going to Denver (woohoo!!) for baby Elaina's blessing.  The whole family will be there and Grant & I are so excited!  Grant's mom, Leslie, is a sewing whiz so hopefully she can help me figure some of this out.  (Are you up for a challenge mom?!) :)


beth said...

I love them Beast! I am so impressed with your skills. Love you. Have fun in Colorado . Give all the babies hugs for me and say hi to all the Tanners.

Josh and Kassi Nelson said...

Is there anyway i could get this pattern from you? Pleeeeeeease? With a cherry? ( I mean... you don't have to include a cherry but I would give you a jar of cherries if you really wanted...but in that case you would need a reason for cherries so...maybe some ice cream too...although that probably wouldn't ship well to Colorado........dilemma.)

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